Poelmann van den Broek

Legal advice for entrepreneurs

Battle-hardened warriors.

Fancy, smooth-talking lawyers? Not at Poelmann van den Broek. We have a reputation as battle-hardened warriors in the lawyer profession for over 45 years now. We master our areas of expertise to perfection. Our clients are mainly entrepreneurs. We know their branches of industry, work closely with them and like to go the extra mile to get them results. Defending when necessary, attacking when it makes sense. But always fully committed to the task at hand. And when there’s more to be gained, we go for it. Because the fun thing about rules is pushing their boundaries. So that’s what we do. Especially when it benefits you, the client.

Understandig your needs.

We’re familiar with our clients’ branches of industry. As a result, we always know exactly which expertise is required. Equally important: we make sure we know our clients. Whether they’re organisations with a comprehensive legal department or companies with no in-house legal expertise.
  • Our industry knowledge gives us a head start
  • Construction and Property
  • Manufacturing and Tech
  • Retail
  • Our expertise
  • Company Law
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Environment and government
  • ICT and intellectual property
  • Privacy
  • Labour
  • Rentals and immovable property