Stalwart warriors

Smart-talking posh lawyers? Not at Poelmann van den Broek. We’ve been the stalwart warriors among lawyers for more than 40 years now. We master our specialist areas into the smallest detail. Most of our clients are business owners. We know their industries, we work with them closely and we are not afraid of sticking our neck out in order to get them results. On the defence if we have to, on the attack if we can. But always fighting with heart and soul. And if there’s more to gain? We’ll go for it. Because the fun thing about rules is finding the limits. So we do. Especially if you, the client, will be better off because of it.

We are familiar with the branches of industry our clients operate in and we have several experienced specialists for the following branches of industry: Construction, Property, Production and Retail. Thanks to that specialist knowledge we’re always able to use the right expertise. But certainly as important is the fact that we make sure we know our clients. Whether it concerns organisations with their own legal department or businesses with no in-house legal knowledge.

Our approach

We assess your options during an intake interview. We concentrate on your issues, we put ourselves in your shoes and sense your needs, from to-the-point advice to providing a full-service solution. Based on a well-considered assessment we can offer you the most suitable lawyer as your dedicated point of contact. Naturally, this lawyer is supported by a full team that also looks after your interests, and we always keep you fully informed of the latest developments with regard to your case.

Our legal expertise is split up across the following service areas: Tendering and competition, Labour, Construction, Lease and immovable property, Intellectual property and ICT, Environment and government, Business and Education.

Our lawyers are registered with the Netherlands Bar Association (Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten), Neuhuyskade 94, 2596 XM The Hague, The Netherlands.