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This is how we fight for your case.

Are you considering hiring us as a lawyer for your company? Allow us to explain what we can do for your business. We stand out as inventive, legal experts. We’re driven and won’t hesitate to go the extra mile. But what matters most to us are your interests as an entrepreneur. We listen and understand where you want to be. And that’s why we can offer you the solution that suits you best.

4x our approach.

Open and transparent

Your lawyer involves you in your case’s progress. So you’ll always know where you stand, from strategy to billing. Our rates include all office expenses.

Specialised and broad

Your point of contact is an expert in your branch of industry. He or she is backed by a team of professionals from all our areas of expertise. We cover all the bases, from start to finish, when we advise companies on legal issues.

Tailor-made solutions for entrepreneurs

Are you looking for practical advice in clear language, a detailed legal foundation or complete peace of mind? We offer tailor-made solutions that enable you to get on with business.

Socially committed

As an entrepreneur, you’re firmly rooted in society. We’re committed to intensifying that bond. Because that benefits us all.

Our promise
Poelmann van den Broek will help drive your business forward

Whether it concerns organisations with a comprehensive legal department or companies with no in-house legal knowledge, our clients understand that we’re a forward-looking partner with a high level of involvement that is pleasant to work with. We’re accessible and back up this claim with our short lines of communication and fast service.

By positioning ourselves as a business partner and providing unsolicited advice, we try to nip legal problems in the bud. And when you need us most, we’ll be ready to fight for you. Our lawyers are committed to delivering the highest quality of service and have the freedom to excel in what they’re good at and enjoy doing. Something you can surely identify with as an entrepreneur.

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